Since 1990, the Cape May Beach Patrol Benevolent Association (CMBP-BA), an independent association composed of current and former CMBP lifeguards, has sought to help our lifeguards and the families of our guards afford college education.  To that end, each year the Committee awards one or more applicants with a financial award to help offset the costs of education.   For more information on this program, please contact the CMBP-BA.  The basic requirements and procedures are below.


  • The scholarship committee will select the award winners.
  • The scholarship award winners will be announced at the annual reunion.
  • All scholarship winners are asked to submit the following:
  •  A copy of their first semester grades (min. 2.5 GPA required)
  •   Second semester proof of registration
  •   Send to:  Dennis DeSatnick, 1307 Trenton Ave., Cape May, NJ 08204
  • The custodian of the fund will generate a check for each award winner directly from Wells Fargo to their residence.

  Cannone Scholarship Application Form July 31, 2021 Due Date

Scholarship Committee

Harry Back, Chairman
Ralph Atwell
Harry “Buzz” Mogck
Marty Franco


  • Applicant must be a present or past Cape May lifeguard, or a lineal descendant of a Cape May lifeguard.
  • Applicant must have and maintain a 2.5 GPA and be enrolled in a recognized educational institution.


Donations may be sent to the custodian of the fund:  Dennis DeSatnick, 1307 Trenton Ave., Cape May, NJ 08204

Clete Cannone Scholarship – Past Recipients

1984 – Elizabeth Kelly, Virginia Elwell, Scott Montgomery, Edward Haggerty

1985 – Bridgette Dollinger, Patrick Murphy, Garr Kerr

1986 – Mario Franco

1987 – Will Mendo

1988 – Robert Kaehler

1989 – Geoffrey Rife

1990 – Richard Demers, Chris Gamber, Christine Lasky, Jason Richardson, Justin Kurtz

1991 – Ned Hearn, Steve Hermann

1992 – Sam Downes, William Pilczuk

1993 – Erin Egan

1994 – Stephen Mogck

1995 – Mary Elizabeth Atwell

1996 – Todd Desatnick, Jude Sangillo

1997 – Meghan Riley, Shelley Lynn Randolph

1998 – Joseph Castellucci, Robert Cornell, Brian Cox, Pat Dwyer

1999 – Daniel Kauffman, Stephen Nichols, William Oat, Jr., James Pastore, Jr. Anne Marie Kerr

2000– Alyson Gloviak, Patrick Cline, Joshua Donahue, Brett Matthews, Damien R. Cwik

2001 – Caroline E. Kellaway, Annika Axelson, Andrew R. Atwell, Ryan Griffin

2002 – Maxwell S. Samuelson, Ryan Hand

2003 – Chad Shagren, Dawn M. Budd

2004 – Ryan C. DeVito, Matthew Peoples, Rian A. Oat

2005 – George Haggerty, Allison O’Rourke

2006 – Brandon J. Pomerantz, Kaitlin Black, Ashley Sullivan

2007 – Kyle Donohue, Mark Panny, Tessie Allen, James Dillon

2008 – Justin S. Nash, Brandon Nash

2009 – Kelsey Herchenrider, Meghan S. O’Leary, Jacob Samuelson

2010 – Melissa Hessler, Andrew Hessler, Sara Werner

2011 – AJ Mercencavage, Kate Delenick, Timothy Reilly

2012 – Max Van Dyke, Chris Knipe, Eli Prowe

2013 – Vicent Scelso, Thomas Herchenrider Jr., Daielle Whitten

2014 – Alexis Sullivan, Bill Wilson, Zachary Baron, Anthony Onimus

2015 – Brian Ruane, Josh Kuzo, Brianne Inderwies, Quinn Laidig

2016 – Thomas Doherty, Samantha Haines, Brianne Bowman, Madison Franco

2017 – Alexandra DiDonato, Evan Martorano, Terry R. Randolph, Peter Toczylowski

2018 – Elizabeth Canning, Matt Casaday , Sarah Dougherty, James Latch, Madi Sehn, Nick Scelso

2019 – Haley Pietras, Claire Casaday, John Knies, Francis Reicherter, Mikala Cannone

2020 – Anna Paisley Gray, Isabella Moore, Gregory Callahan, Samantha Gilbert, Mason Lewis