This is not an exhaustive list, this is merely a guide to common rules. Please see your lifeguard if you have any questions.  Following these rules helps keep the beach a pleasant and safe place for everyone.

Beaches of Cape May

Please contact CMBP at 609-884-9520 for daily updates.

This list is updated regularly.

Poverty Beach, Ramp #1 – Unguarded

Brooklyn Beach, Ramp #2 – Unguarded

Baltimore Beach, Ramp #3 – Unguarded

Hughes Beach, Ramps #4 & #5 – Unguarded

Reading Beach, Ramp #6 –  Unguarded

Philadelphia Beach, Ramp #7 – Unguarded

South Philadelphia Beach, Ramp #7 – Unguarded

Madison Beach, Ramps #8 & #9 – Unguarded

Queen Street Beach, Ramp #10 – Unguarded

South Queen Street Beach, Ramp #10 – Unguarded

Jefferson Beach, Ramp #11 – Unguarded

Howard Beach, Ramp #12 & #13- Unguarded

Surfing Beach, Ramp #14 – Unguarded

Stockton Beach, Ramp #15 – Unguarded

Hagy Beach, Ramps #16 & #17 – Unguarded

Steger Beach, Ramp #18 – Unguarded

Congress Beach, Ramp #19 – Unguarded

Windsor Beach, Ramp #20 – Unguarded

Cannone Beach, Ramp 21 – Unguarded

Mogck Beach, Ramp #23 – Unguarded

Colton Court Beach, #24 – Unguarded

Broadway Beach, Ramp #25 – Unguarded

1st Avenue Beach, Ramp #26 – Unguarded

2nd Avenue Beach, Ramp #27 – Unguarded

3rd Avenue Beach “Cove”, Ramp #28- Unguarded

4th Avenue Beach, Ramp #29 – Unguarded

View a map of our stands and permitted activity


Beach tags are required (age 12 and above) on all beaches during guarded hours.  Lifeguards do not sell beach tags.  Please see a beach tag employee at any entrance or beach tag stand.

Restrooms are located roughly every half-mile.

Pets are not permitted on the beach, with the exception of verifiable service animals.


On The Beach

Holes  Must not be dug past the waist level on the shortest person around the hole.  They must be filled in before leaving.

Rough sports  are not permitted.

Beach wheelchairs may be borrowed from 10-4:30 daily. First come, first serve only.  Do not take the chairs into the water.  Chairs are not to be removed from the beach under any circumstance.  You will be financially responsible for any damage or loss done to chairs while under your use.

Jetties are not to be climbed or walked upon.

 Clean up after yourself.  Lifeguards are here to keep your safe!

 In The Water

Bathing and swimming are to be done at the location and depth decided by lifeguards.   Generally, this is not past chest-deep water.  The area may be marked by flags.  Understand conditions change quickly.  Do not attempt to swim in conditions beyond your ability.

Distance Swimming may be done by competent swimmers after checking in with your nearest lifeguard stand.

Skimboarding is allowed at the discretion of lifeguards

Surfing is permitted at each end of our beach – Poverty Beach (Wilmington Avenue) and The Cove.  Additionally, it is permitted at Surfing Beach (Gurney Street) and South Queen (Queen Street).

Fishing is only permitted along the one-quarter mile stretch east of the Brooklyn Ave. storm pipe. This is an unguarded beach where surfing also is permitted.  FISHING IS PROHIBITED AT EVERY OTHER BEACH DURING GUARDED HOURS. Please note that the Wilmington Ave storm pipe has been removed as of Summer 2015.

Kayaking may be done outside the bathing zone.  Kayaks may only be launched east of Poverty Beach (Wilmington Avenue) and west of The Cove stand. Life jackets must be onboard, preferably worn. No other crafts may be launched or landed on the beaches of Cape May.